Here is Our 2015 Series on False Arrest Cases!

Our articles below include true and accurate facts, documents and court decisions from a recent false arrest case we successfully litigated against police officer.

Article 1:  The True Statement of Facts Taken from a Recent Search and Seizure Case  [Read here….]

 What is False Arrest?

A police officer can only detain a person with an arrest warrant, or with probable cause that a crime has been committed. Of course, determining whether a police officer had probable cause to arrest is usually a close call. Therefore, evaluating whether  subsequent civil suit against the officer and against his employer is worth your time and money gets very complicated. We hope that the series of sample documents presented herein helps you understand this (sometimes complicated) area of the law.

Article 2:  We asked the Court to declare our client the automatic winner, without having a jury trial, on the ground that there was absolutely no probable cause for the Police Officer’s actions  [Read here…]

What is False Imprisonment?

A police officer commits false imprisonment when she:

  • – Intentionally;
  • – Confines a person;
  • – Against his/her will; and
  • – Without a legal basis for the confinement (i.e, falsely).

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Sample documents to help you understand the false arrest case:

Complaint –        Getting the Lawsuit Started  [Read Here]

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