Cash Settlement of Bus Accident Case

 Martin & Colin, P.C. announces a cash settlement for a personal injury client, a passenger travelling on a New York City bus who was injured when the bus operator made a sharp turn while braking, causing the passenger to be thrown forward, landing face-first in the center aisle, causing a bruising to her forehead and severe knee injuries.  The plaintiff was travelling on a Q-50 MTA Bus from Flushing, Queens to Pelham Bay in the Bronx.  The accident happened near Bruckner Boulevard in the Bronx.  

After the accident, another bus passenger helped our injured client back to her home.  Our client received prompt medical attention.  Her right knee required surgery at Sound Shore Medical Center to repair her torn medial meniscus and torn lateral meniscus.  After the surgery, the client’s recovery was aided by physical therapy.

The case settled as it was being added to the trial calendar in Bronx County.  We evaluated our case as we prepared for trial, engaged in lengthy settlement negotiations, and eventually obtained a favorable settlement for our client.  By negotiating a favorable settlement prior to trial, the victim received monetary compensation for her injuries, and she was able to bring an end to the lawsuit without having to proceed to trial.

At Martin & Colin, P.C., we know that bus collisions can result in compensation.  However, as in cases like this, where our client was injured due to a sudden stop or quick turn, but the bus did not actually collide with anything, it can be very difficult for injured passengers to recover money.  Making matters worse, our client was not transported directly from the scene to a hospital emergency room.  Knowing this, our legal team immediately hired a private investigator to locate witnesses and obtain statements, prior to witnesses disappearing and memories fading.  And, as expected, the bus company and the driver denied that any accident involving our client occurred on any of its buses.

Our experience with similar cases made us well prepared to confront, and overcome, the obstacles to obtaining a favorable settlement for our injured client, and we did so.  Let us obtain favorable results for you, too.

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