'Your Civil Rights When Falsely Arrested' – Discussed in Recent Article

Martin Colin, P.C. recently published an introductory article discussing the rights of citizens to seek redress after a false arrest.  This article is one in a series intended to illustrate the types of legal matters handled by our lawyers and is intended to educate individuals contemplating legal action on what they might expect from the legal process and what they might obtain as a final outcome.

The article was originally published here: ‘Your Civil Rights When Involved With the Police’

2013-10-6 Article - Civil Rights - False Arrest

The full text of the article appears below:

Your Civil Rights When Involved With the Police

Sure, you know you that the law offers you some protection when you are being investigated for a crime. For example: you have the right to legal representation at all stages; and when you are being questioned, you have the right to refuse to answer and speak with your lawyer. But as a consequence of a criminal investigation, it sometimes happens that mistakes by criminal investigators and police in identifying the correct suspect leads to the false arrest and illegal detention of an innocent citizen.  When this happens, does the law provide you any remedy to help right this wrong, and to help you put your life back together? 

An arrest may be made when a law enforcement officer has probable cause to believe that an individual participated in a crime that was committed in the officer’s presence or otherwise. Even regular citizens may arrest you at the scene of a crime that they witnessed. Often, an arrest warrant is needed for a suspect to be apprehended. In all these circumstances, mistakes are sometimes made in the criminal investigation process. There are even situations where profiling has led to a false arrest and illegal detention. There are other occasions where, even with a warrant, the wrong person was arrested. When you have been falsely arrested and charged with a crime, call a competent lawyer immediately. It would not be the first time that an individual was arrested and prosecuted for a crime he/she played absolutely no role in orchestrating.

You will need a lawyer to help you prove to law enforcement, prove to the prosecution team and prove to the judge that you are indeed innocent. Right at the moment when you are being taken into custody, you have the right to call for an attorney to represent you. Without legal representation, it may be a waste of time to try reasoning with the officers as they may believe you are a valid suspect. With effective legal representation, you will be able to expedite the resolution of the false arrest and get the charges cleared up.  If your life has been adversely affected by the false arrest and prosecution, you may want to initiate a lawsuit against the offending law enforcement agency and the individual police officers. We highly recommend that you speak with competent lawyers experienced in this area of the law.  In the New Your City metropolitan area, lawyers at the White Plains, New York law firm of Martin Colin, P.C. can help.  You can telephone at (914) 771 7711 for a consultation or reach them at http://martincolin.com on the web.  They have vast experience representing the falsely arrested and will definitely see to it that you are adequately compensated for a wrongful arrest or malicious prosecution.

Many people have brought successful cases against the police department and the individual law enforcement officers involved in the false arrest. If you pursue your claim without an attorney, you could miss a deadline or make some other mistake fatal to your claim. This is why many people who feel dreadfully wronged by a false arrest actually seek a competent attorney to give them legal guidance in pursuing a court case. You have the right to sue for compensation for such violations. All you need is a competent lawyer, like the attorneys at Martin Colin, P.C. to guide you through the process and fight for your claim. The lawyers at Martin Colin, P.C. have experience protecting individuals from erroneous criminal prosecution and obtaining settlements as a result of false arrest and malicious prosecution.

The attorneys at Martin Colin, P.C. can be contacted by telephone at (914) 771 7711.

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