Complete Dismissal of All Criminal Charges against Business Owner

Martin + Colin, P.C. announces that it has obtained the complete dismissal of all criminal charges filed against a New York City business owner (identity withheld) in Manhattan. As part of his business operation, the owner delivers cash to several different locations throughout Manhattan, the Bronx and Westchester each day. The businessman was seated in a work vehicle when NYPD police detectives approached with guns drawn.  Without any probable cause, the police unlawfully ordered all occupants to get out of the van. While the occupants were handcuffed and seated behind the van, the detectives conducted an illegal search of the entire work vehicle.

After the unlawful search of our client’s work vehicle, the NYPD police officers seized the owner’s van and tens of thousands of dollars in cash stored within the van, charging the business owner and all other occupants of the vehicle with drug possession.

As soon as they were retained, the lawyers at Martin + Colin, P.C. aggressively pursued complete dismissal of all charges based on the business owner’s Fourth Amendment constitutional right to be free of unreasonable search and seizure. On November 10, 2011, the date trial was scheduled to begin, the New York County District Attorney’s Office conceded that the defendants had been deprived of their right to a speedy trial, and the judge dismissed all charges. Records of the case were sealed.

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