Favorable Ruling by Judge

Martin + Colin P.C. announces a successful Workers Compensation Board ruling for a City of Yonkers resident injured while she was carrying out her duties as an agency social worker.

Our client was injured on the job when the work van she was operating was hit from the rear by a vehicle owned by the Yonkers Board of Education.  The collision from behind forced her own car forward, causing it to strike the car in front of her.  These jarring double impacts caused injuries to our client’s head, neck, and back.  After the incident, at the emergency room it was determined that our client sustained injuries to her cervical, lumbar, and thoracic spine, and bilateral shoulders. In the weeks following the accident, our client experienced a decreased quality of life due to extreme pain, a lack of sleep due to pain, clicking in several body parts, decreased range of motion and constant stiffness.  As a result of all these debilitating injuries, our client also began feeling depressed due to constant discomfort and pain. 

In order to remedy these injuries, our client underwent several sessions of physical therapy.  Despite over 18 weeks of therapy, our client felt no relief and in fact the doctor overseeing her recovery testified that her condition had worsened. Ultimately, it was concluded that our client faced no other option but to receive a lumbar back surgery and left shoulder surgery to alleviate the pain after conservative treatments failed.

It was apparent to the legal team at Martin + Colin that our client was in desperate need of surgical treatment to alleviate her constant pain and decreased quality of life. But the insurance company refused any further treatment, and refused to authorize surgery.  Our team made it their mission to get our client her due compensation in order that she might move on from the terrible accident that haunts their life to this day.  The legal team at Martin + Colin argued successfully on behalf of our client and the Judge ruled in our favor:  the two corrective surgeries were medically necessary, and were to be covered at the expense of the insurance company. It is our hope that this successful settlement will help our client move past this traumatic event and allow her to continue her pursuit of happiness un-infringed by the accident.

If you or a member of your family has been hurt in an accident due to the negligence of another person or firm, the experienced personal injury lawyers at Martin + Colin, P.C. may be able to help.  

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