Hit-From-Behind Car Crash Caused Permanent Injuries to Yonkers Resident

Hit-From-Behind Car Crash Caused Permanent Injuries to Yonkers Resident

Martin + Colin P.C. is proud to announce the settlement of a case on behalf of our client, a Yonkers resident, who was tragically injured in a rear end car crash.  While stopped in traffic, our client suffered personal injuries when she was rear-ended by a careless driver.  The impact was forceful, inflicting grave injuries. Seeking medical attention immediately following the accident, our client sustained injuries such as: lumbar and cervical spine derangement, disc bulging and herniations across many levels, radicular pathology of spinal sensory roots, tendinosis of the rotator cuff and long heads of the biceps, oblique tear, and bilateral shoulder injuries. The number and severity of the injuries emphasized how absolutely devastating and damaging the accident was on our client.

Shoulder Surgery Was Required

The accident was both physically and mentally catastrophic for our client, who underwent an extensive and intrusive surgery in order to remedy the injuries.  Our client had the following surgery: arthroscopy of the right shoulder, labral debridement, rotator cuff debridement, synovectomy, subacromial decompression tenotomy, and mumford procedure.  In addition to the surgery, our client underwent exhaustive physical therapy.

Our Client Still Has Not Recovered

Despite all of these extensive treatments, our client suffers from constant pain, headaches, decreased range of motion, partial nerve damage, and additional mental trauma such as post-accident anxiety, flashbacks and insomnia.  All of these injuries, mental and physical, took a toll on our client’s well-being and livelihood.  Due to our client’s post-accident condition, she was not able to return to work for an extended period of time, causing a decreased quality of life.

Mental and Emotional Harms are Compensable

Due to the negligent and irresponsible actions of another individual, our client was subjected to economic, physical, mental, and social hardships.  Unable to find any satisfaction in daily life because she could not return to work, and enduring the constant pain caused by the injuries, the legal team at Martin + Colin sought financial compensation on her behalf.  While preparing for trial, the opposing counsel could see the difficulty they would face in court due to the extent of her injuries. Settling the case in mediation, our client was awarded the full policy amount of the defendant’s insurance.  Our client was extremely satisfied with the outcome of the case and the dedicated work of our legal team.

We Are Here to Help People Injured Due to the Negligence of Another

It was our pleasure to help our client obtain financial compensation.  Although money cannot restore the quality of life our client enjoyed pre-accident, compensation for her suffering was greatly welcomed.

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