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If you or a member of your family has been hurt in an accident due to the negligence of another person or firm, and need a personal injury lawyer in White Plains, Martin + Colin may be able to help.

In personal injury and negligence cases, we obtain substantial monetary compensation for clients suffering from bodily injuries, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. Our experienced attorneys protect the rights of victims and can get you the results you deserve.


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Settlement for Scarsdale Resident Injured in Car Crash – April 2015

Auto Accident LawyersOur client was taken by ambulance from the car accident location to Westchester Medical Center. After release from the emergency room, she continued to experience pain in her right hand and thumb and sought medical treatment. She complained of “use of hand” pain at the right thumb. Her physician diagnosed a right thumb strain and recommended physical therapy and use of voltaren gel to the right thumb. Our client followed up with physical therapy to her right hand.

After the car accident, she could not think about operating her vehicle without being overcome by a crushing anxiety that kept her awake at night and affected every aspect of her daily life. If a meeting required highway travel, our client has to cancel the appointment because she simply could not travel on highways due to the paralyzing fear. Her job required substantial driving locally, and she experienced severe anxiety whenever traveling on the highway. The car crash caused her to experience paralyzing fear and prevented her from driving on highways.

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Victim Hurt in Bronx Car Accident Receives Settlement – February 2015

The personal injury lawyers at Martin + Colin, P.C. have settled a lawsuit arising out of a car accident on Bronx Park East near Allerton Avenue in Bronx, New York.Smiling Young Woman

The plaintiff, a resident of the City of New York, Borough of the Bronx, was traveling alone on Bronx Park East at the intersection of Allerton Avenue, intending to make a right turn onto the Mosholu Parkway.  As he sat in his vehicle waiting to make the right turn, our client’s vehicle was struck from behind by another car.  The impact jolted our client and knocked him back and forth inside his car.

The injured car accident victim sought immediate medical treatment at Lawrence Hospital complaining of lower back stiffness, neck pain and shoulder pain.  He was evaluated, x-rays were taken and he was released.

For the next five months, our injured client suffered in silence, hoping the pain would go away and that he would recover from the accident.  However, the pain persisted and became increasingly unbearable.  The victim injured in the car crash had never complained of back pain prior to this accident.  Eventually, he sought additional medical treatment.  A neurologist immediately observed muscle spasms in the patient’s back, decreased range of motion and also suspected radiating pain.  Treatment with physical therapy was recommended and started.  When continued physical therapy treatment failed to return our injured client to his pre-accident physical condition, the lawsuit was commenced.

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Client Injured by Illegal U-Turn Driver Receives Settlement – November 2014

The plaintiff, a resident of Cortlandt, in Westchester County, State of New York, was traveling northbound on North Highland Avenue in Ossining, New York in the left lane.  Another driver was parked on the right side of the road facing southbound when she pulled out and made an illegal U-turn, in an attempt to turn around and head northbound.  The other driver cut across the roadway immediately in front of our client’s vehicle, leaving our client no time to stop.  The front corners of both vehicles collided into each other.  Two witnesses informed the police that they saw the other driver turn around directly in front of our client’s vehicle and that there was no way our client could have stopped in time. The impact was severe and our client’s vehicle was totaled as a result of the accident.  gavel-600x235A2

An ambulance arrived at the scene of the accident and transported our client to the Hudson Valley Hospital Center.  Our injured client, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, was admitted to the emergency department as a level 2 trauma admission. At the time of the accident, our client was five (5) months pregnant.  At the emergency room, she complained of bilateral knee pain, head pain, and neck pain from when she hit her head on the steering wheel and her knees on the dashboard as a result of the impact.  After x-rays and urgent care, the injured auto accident victim was released from the hospital.

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Cash Settlement for Injured Driver in Rear-End Car Accident – April 2014

Martin Colin, P.C. announces a cash settlement for a driver injured in a car accident in the Village of Ossining, County of Westchester, New York.

2012_Woman_Sitting_Beside_Car_iStock_000020361024_ExtraSmallThe plaintiff, a resident of Ossining, in Westchester, New York, was the driver of her own vehicle traveling eastbound on Croton Avenue in Ossining, New York in 2013.  She had stopped at a red light when she was struck from the rear by the defendant’s vehicle. The plaintiff had her 9 year old daughter and 15 year old niece in the vehicle while the accident happened.  There was obvious physical damage to both vehicles visible to the naked eye.

Our client, the injured plaintiff, did not feel any immediate pain from it.  However pain in her back increased throughout the night due to this unfortunate incident.  Approximately 6 days after the accident, the plaintiff started physical therapy in Sleepy Hollow to treat her pain and the dysfunction of her thoracic and lumbar spine.  She described the pain as a burning sensation at a consistent level of 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.  As the physical therapy was not alleviating the pain, she began acupuncture.  The acupuncture treatment succeeded in reducing the pain but did not render the injured plaintiff pain-free. Despite all of the medical treatment, physical therapy and acupuncture sessions our client endured, she continued to feel pain in her back as a result of the car accident.

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Cash Settlement of Bus Accident Case – June 2013

Martin & Colin, P.C. – Injury Attorney White Plains, announces a cash settlement for a personal injury client, a passenger travelling on a New York City bus who was injured when the bus operator made a sharp turn while braking, causing the passenger to be thrown forward, landing face-first in the center aisle, causing a bruising to her forehead and severe knee injuries.  The plaintiff was travelling on a Q-50 MTA Bus from Flushing, Queens to Pelham Bay in the Bronx.  The accident happened near Bruckner Boulevard in the Bronx.  

After the accident, another bus passenger helped our injured client back to her home.  Our client received prompt medical attention.  Her right knee required surgery at Sound Shore Medical Center to repair her torn medial meniscus and torn lateral meniscus.  After the surgery, the client’s recovery was aided by physical therapy.

The case settled as it was being added to the trial calendar in Bronx County.  We evaluated our case as we prepared for trial, engaged in lengthy settlement negotiations, and eventually obtained a favorable settlement for our client.  By negotiating a favorable settlement prior to trial, the victim received monetary compensation for her injuries, and she was able to bring an end to the lawsuit without having to proceed to trial.

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Cash Settlement of a Slip and Fall on Ice Case – April 2013

Martin & Colin, P.C. announces a cash settlement for a pedestrian who suffered a fractured left arm when he personal injury attorneyslipped and fell on a portion of sidewalk that was also used as the driveway entrance to an auto quick-lube business.  The plaintiff was walking on the path that had been cleared of snow earlier that morning by a quick-lube employee. Apparently, a patch of ice caused the plaintiff to slip and fall. The pedestrian sustained a fractured left wrist, which was placed in a hard cast. Although the cast has been removed, he continues to experience numbness of the left arm and radiating back pain since the accident.

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Martin & Colin, P.C. announces the six-figure settlement of a car accident case – June 2012

The owner and operator of the other vehicle involved in this settlement were insured by GEICO. The favorable settlement provides substantial compensation to the victim and brings the lawsuit to an end without having to proceed to trial.The plaintiff, a resident of Highland Mills, in Orange County, New York, was the front seat passenger of a vehicle traveling on Route 105 near Dennis Drive in the Town of Highland Mills. The defendants were the owner and the operator of a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. At a sharp bend in the road, the defendant driver lost control of her vehicle, crossed over the center line and struck our client’s vehicle head-on with great force and impact, causing serious and permanent injuries and damages to our client, the plaintiff.

Our client complained of right knee and left hand pain continuously since the accident. Conservative medical treatment, including physical therapy, failed to eliminate the right knee pain. After that, our client underwent a right knee surgery, during which the physician diagnosed, and repaired, a tear of both the lateral meniscus and a tear of the medial meniscus.

We evaluated our case as we prepared for trial, and concluded that we would prevail in a court of law as the defendant driver was clearly liable for the accident. In addition, our client presented as a careful, likeable college student who would have great jury appeal, who has suffered greatly, and will continue to suffer, as a result of the defendant’s careless driving.

Our attorneys engaged in lengthy settlement negotiations, eventually obtaining a six-figure settlement for our very satisfied client.

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Settlement for Police Officer Struck By Car – April 2012

Martin & Colin, P.C. announces the settlement of a car accident involving an injured police officer.Personal Injury Lawyer

Unfortunately, the owner and operator of the other vehicle maintained only the minimum insurance coverage required by law. Making matters even more difficult, the offending driver’s insurance company had financial problems, and was taken over by the New York State Insurance Department. Notwithstanding these challenges, Martin & Colin, P.C. was able to recover the maximum amount of money available on this insurance policy for the injured officer.

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Cash Settlement Announced in False Arrest Case – September 2011

Martin & Colin, P.C. has obtained a financial settlement for a Westchester County resident who had been falsely arrested by local police and prosecuted as a criminal. Our law firm assisted the victim in getting the criminal charges dismissed; then we filed a civil lawsuit for false arrest, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, and other claims. The civil suit has now been settled. However, the parties agreed that all terms of the settlement would remain confidential.


Car Accident Settlement – 2011

Martin & Colin, P.C. announces the six-figure settlement of a car accident case in which the owner and operator of the other vehicle were insured by Travelers Insurance Company. The favorable settlement provides substantial compensation to our injured client but also lets him put the incident behind him without having to proceed to trial.

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