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Practice Areas

We handle a wide variety of legal matters for individuals, including: criminal defense; real estate transactions and litigation; assistance with business and employment matters; prosecuting personal injury and civil rights claims, estate planning, administration and litigation; as well as matrimonial and family law issues.

We also provide quality legal services to businesses of all types and sizes

For example, we have incorporated for-profit and not-for-profit entities; we have negotiated deals and settled disagreements with manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and distributors; and we have successfully prosecuted commercial claims from beginning to end, including trial.

We usually litigate on behalf of individuals or small businesses, but have also represented municipalities, officials and a Fortune 50 company.

The attorneys at Martin & Colin, P.C. have succeeded in the following areas of law.

criminal defense


drug possession, DWI, violation of probation


false arrest


malicious prosecution

real estate transactions and litigation


civil rights claims


estate planning


administration and litigation

 business law


commercial litigation


matrimonial and family law issue


medical malpractice


police misconduct

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