Real Estate Transactions

Martin & Colin, P.C. is experienced in all kinds of real estate transactions and we can help you with the purchase, sale or re-finance of your residential or commercial property.

From buying your first home to selling your investment condo, Martin & Colin can help you through the entire process. Call us toll free at (914) 771 7711 to schedule a consultation.

Our firm has handled everything from relatively routine residential closings to complex commercial re-financing transactions. We have experience in closing: single family homes, cooperative apartments, condominiums, townhouses, apartment buildings and commercial properties.

Our attorneys have closed on properties throughout Manhattan, the Bronx, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange and Dutchess Counties. After more than twenty years in the industry, we have a reputation among lawyers, real estate agents and mortgage brokers for our professionalism and we distinguish ourselves to our own clients with personal attention to every phase of the real estate process.

Each step in the process, our attorneys provide assistance and answer your questions. We usually charge a single fee for the entire process: from initial consultation and contract negotiation to document preparation and execution at the Closing. Throughout the process, we apply our vast knowledge and experience to help our clients avoid the many problems that can arise in a real estate transaction.

In addition, we are unique because most real estate lawyers have conflicting loyalties: on the one hand they work for their client; but on the other hand they protect the long-standing relationships their firm has with real estate agents, mortgage brokers, title companies, etc. At Martin & Colin, P.C., we do not have such conflicts. Because we are not full-time real estate transactions lawyers, we do not cultivate the business relationships that can pose potential conflicts of interest with the needs of our clients. In fact, we avoid them, ensuring that our clients have our undivided and un-conflicted loyalty at all times.

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