Martin & Colin, P.C. offers the most flexible and competitive sharing arrangements with other attorneys and law firms.  We really don’t want other lawyers to simply refer a case to us.  Rather, we strive for true collaboration with other attorneys and law firms.  We want to establish and maintain a long-term co-counsel relationship with you that maximizes your client development.

Employment Litigation Attorneys

Maximize your client development with us!

How we are different:  Other firms are proud to advertise that they ‘have paid co-counsel fees to other attorneys and firms, generating revenue streams to those other attorneys and firms from cases beyond their traditional areas of practice.’  We are willing to do much more.  We know that you have a close relationship with the client.  We want you to keep it.  And we want to help you enhance it, so that next time that client has a problem, or that client’s family or friend has a problem, they call you, not us.  A satisfied client can send you business for a lifetime.  That is, if the client is left with the impression that you were instrumental in that client’s success.  But if that client is left with the impression that you did nothing more than make a phone call, and then collected a substantial fee, in the nature of a windfall, for referring the client’s problem to someone else, that transaction can actually leave a client resenting the fact that you obtained a windfall from the client’s misery.  We want to offer you a much better deal, one that will endear you to your client, not spawn resentment.

We believe our expertise and unique approach to co-counsel relationships offer you a huge advantage.  You are much more likely to expand your client base, and build your practice faster, working with us.  If you would like to explore co-counseling with our firm, please e-mail, or call (914) 771 7711.

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