Settlement for White Plains Resident Injured in Car Accident – Oct. 2014

Martin Colin, P.C. announces a cash settlement for a driver injured in an automobile accident on Tarrytown Road in July 2013.  The injured plaintiff, a White Plains resident, was driving eastbound, on his way home from work.  As he was stopped at a traffic light at the intersection with Knollwood Road, our client’s vehicle was rear ended by another vehicle.  Immediately after the accident, the injured driver sought treatment at White Plains Hospital and informed the physician that during the car crash he was thrown forward and parts of his body struck the inside of his vehicle, including his knees. He also reported neck and mid to low back pain at a level 8 out of 10, as well as left knee pain.Business Woman 2012 - Business Attorneys

A treating doctor recommended that the driver injured in the car accident undergo an EMG of the upper extremities and to continue to follow up with physical therapy treatment.  The physical therapy treatment helped relieve the injured driver’s pain, however he has had to reduce the amount of hours he could work for his employer due to the pain in his neck and back. Despite all of the medical treatment and physical therapy, our client continues to feel pain in his neck and back as a result of the accident.

The insurance company for the offending vehicle acknowledged responsibility for the accident but challenged the significance of our client’s bodily injuries.  Nevertheless, the lawyers at our firm negotiated a settlement satisfactory to our client. Logo-M-C-Only-2011

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