Settlement for Yonkers Bicyclist Injured in Car Crash – March 2016

The experienced injury lawyers at Martin + Colin, P.C. announce a settlement for a City of Yonkers, Westchester County, resident injured in September 2014 when the bicycle he was riding was struck by a car on Nepperhan Avenue in the City of Yonkers.  The car was at an intersection making a turn when it struck our client.

The impact knocked our client off his bicycle onto the hood of the car and then knocked him onto the pavement.

Our client the bicyclist was taken by ambulance from the car accident location to Westchester Medical Center. After release from the emergency room, he continued to experience left side pain and left leg pain.  The bicyclist followed up with an orthopedist and received physical therapy for his injuries.

The experienced car accident attorneys in our firm faced several challenges in this case. One challenge was that, although the bicyclist was traveling in a crosswalk, the bicyclist was traveling on the wrong side of the street.  The car driver had good reason not to expect a bicyclist traveling on the wrong side of the street.  Thus, establishing the car driver’s liability for the accident was not clear cut.

The experienced accident lawyers at Martin + Colin, P.C. applied their combined expertise handling similar car crash cases and, at our client’s request, successfully convinced the other driver’s insurance company that a settlement was better than an unfavorable jury verdict.

In addition, our client preferred the certainty of settlement rather than the risk of trial, and during settlement negotiations, we were able to settle the case to the satisfaction of the client.

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