Client Struck By Car at Gas Station

Settlement for Client Struck by Car at a Gas Station

Martin + Colin P.C. announces a settlement for our client, a young Navy veteran, who suffered personal injuries thanks to a careless driver. While at a service station vacuuming out her own car, an inattentive driver backed his car into her door, sandwiching our client between her open car door and the frame of her car, pushing her head against the edge of the door frame. Our client was pinned by the force of the other vehicle, enough to shatter her car’s driver-side windows, and crushing her legs and lower back against the frame of her vehicle.  After being freed, our client was assisted by witnesses who observed heavy bleeding from our client’s right eye, right leg and right knee.  An ambulance was called and our client lost consciousness on the way to the hospital.

Medical Treatment for Personal Injuries

Our client awoke in the hospital to find stitches being placed near her cornea and lacerations on her legs.  In addition to the lacerations made by the shattered glass, the impact also caused bruising and nerve damage to our client’s leg.  Tests found femoral neuropathy in her right leg nerve, tending to show that the nerve was dead.  Femoral neuropathy leads to muscle weakness in the leg, loss of sensation/numbness, decreased ability to walk, and decreased range of motion.

The Injuries Have Changed Her Life for the Worse

The consequences of the accident have impacted the life of our client who was a physically active young woman.  As someone who walks considerable distances in her commute to work and a frequent runner, something she carried on from her service in the Navy, our client’s way of life has been significantly impacted.  In combination with daily back pain, loss of feeling in her right leg, and decreased range of motion, all add up to a significant decrease in quality of life. Something our client will be forced to live with for the rest of her life, inflicted on her due to the negligent actions of another person.  However, the legal team at Matin + Colin worked tirelessly on behalf of our client, and we are proud of the successful settlement that compensated our client in a satisfactory manner.

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