Cash Settlement for Injured Driver in Rear-End Car Accident – April 2014

Martin Colin, P.C. announces a cash settlement for a driver injured in a car accident in the Village of Ossining, County of Westchester, New York.

2012_Woman_Sitting_Beside_Car_iStock_000020361024_ExtraSmallThe plaintiff, a resident of Ossining, in Westchester, New York, was the driver of her own vehicle traveling eastbound on Croton Avenue in Ossining, New York in 2013.  She had stopped at a red light when she was struck from the rear by the defendant’s vehicle. The plaintiff had her 9 year old daughter and 15 year old niece in the vehicle while the accident happened.  There was obvious physical damage to both vehicles visible to the naked eye.

Our client, the injured plaintiff, did not feel any immediate pain from it.  However pain in her back increased throughout the night due to this unfortunate incident.  Approximately 6 days after the accident, the plaintiff started physical therapy in Sleepy Hollow to treat her pain and the dysfunction of her thoracic and lumbar spine.  She described the pain as a burning sensation at a consistent level of 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.  As the physical therapy was not alleviating the pain, she began acupuncture.  The acupuncture treatment succeeded in reducing the pain but did not render the injured plaintiff pain-free. Despite all of the medical treatment, physical therapy and acupuncture sessions our client endured, she continued to feel pain in her back as a result of the car accident.

As soon as we were hired, we pressed our claim for money damages for our client to compensate her for her pain and suffering, which continues to the present day.  We successfully convinced the insurance company for the offending driver that in the past, jury verdicts for similar back injuries, corroborated by objective medical testing, often exceeding $100,000.  After conducting their own investigation, and reviewing our injured client’s medical treatment, we obtained a settlement for our client.  Not only was the client happy with the amount of the settlement, but she was relieved that we were able to settle the claim within a year of the car crash.

Settlement for Tarrytown Passenger Injured in Car Accident

Girl at surgeryMartin & Colin, P.C. announces a six figure settlement for a passenger injured in a car accident on State Route 84 at the intersection of State Route 23 in the Town of Cairo, County of Greene, and State of New York.

The passenger injured in the automobile accident was a resident of Tarrytown, New York, visiting family members in Greene County in 2013. On her way home, the plaintiff was seated in the rear seat, passenger side, wearing her seatbelt, when her car was struck by another vehicle that failed to yield when entering State Route 23. The front of the vehicle the plaintiff was traveling in made contact with the front left of the other vehicle. The collision of the vehicles was brutal and caused both vehicles to sustain extensive property damage. The plaintiff suffered physical injuries in the car crash. She was transported by ambulance from the scene of the accident to Columbia Medical Hospital emergency room where she made complaints of pain in her neck, shoulder, back and was diagnosed with a broken foot.

A friend of the injured passenger referred her to the injury lawyers at Martin & Colin, P.C. We commenced a lawsuit on the injured victim’s behalf, alleging that the driver of the other car was careless and negligent in the operation of his motor vehicle; in failing to be observant of the surrounding circumstances; and in failing to observe plaintiff’s motor vehicle. We also alleged that the car crash was caused by the other driver’s operation of his car in violation of New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law provisions: NYS VTL 1110 (failure to obtain a traffic control device), NYS VTL 1142 (failure to yield the right of way), and NYS VTL 1143 (failure to yield when entering a roadway).

As the lawsuit progressed, the injured passenger’s back and neck injuries resolved through physical therapy. However, advanced medical testing, including MRIs, revealed that the intense pain in the woman’s left shoulder resulted from a full-thickness rotator cuff tendon tear with impingement. Orthopedic surgery was required. Although the surgery repaired the shoulder injury and ended the pain, the surgery left three permanent scars on her left shoulder.

The injured plaintiff asked her lawyers at Martin & Colin, P.C. to obtain a reasonable settlement if at all possible, rather than take the case all the way through trial. When our experienced car accident lawyers obtained a six figure settlement offer, the plaintiff elected to settle her case without a trial.

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