Settlement for Police Officer Struck By Car

Martin & Colin, P.C. announces the settlement of a car accident case.police-accident-960x295A

Unfortunately, the owner and operator of the other vehicle maintained only the minimum insurance coverage required by law. Making matters even more difficult, the offending driver’s insurance company had financial problems, and was taken over by the New York State Insurance Department. Notwithstanding these challenges, Martin & Colin, P.C. was able to recover the entire insurance policy for the injured police officer. The favorable settlement provides monetary compensation to the victim and brings the lawsuit to an end without having to proceed to trial.

The plaintiff, a police officer and resident of Westchester County, New York, was walking to work when he was struck by the defendant operating her vehicle on a public street. The defendant’s vehicle struck our pedestrian client with great force and impact, causing a serious and permanent aggravation of a previous injury to our client, the plaintiff.

Our client was taken by ambulance to the hospital emergency room immediately after this accident. Subsequently, the plaintiff underwent an MRI and the aggravating injuries were visible.

We evaluated our case as we prepared for trial, engaged in lengthy settlement negotiations, and eventually obtaining a settlement for our client.

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