What to Do When You’ve Been In an Accident

If You Have Been in an Accident

Gather as much information as you can, as quickly as possible

  1. Name, address, phone number, etc. of everyone involved.
  2. Name, address, phone number, etc. of any witnesses.
  3. Premises information – if accident occurred in a public place – get precise location. If accident occurred on private property – get owner’s information.
  4. Take photographs as soon as possible. Return with a camera if necessary. (Not only is a picture worth a thousand words, but also the surrounding conditions will probably be altered almost immediately. So there is no time to waste – take photos.)
  5. Get proper medical treatment for your injuries. And when you get to the hospital, make sure that you report all your complaints to the medical provider. If you have a pain or an injury that you do not report on your first trip to the doctor after the accident, then it will be claimed that this un-reported injury was not sustained during the accident, but instead was sustained elsewhere.

As soon as your accident is over and you have received professional medical treatment, call your attorney and schedule an appointment. Then, in preparation for that appointment, with a pen and pad in hand, sit down and write careful notes of the entire accident. Document the entire incident, writing a moment-by-moment chronology of events.

Bring your detailed notes to your attorney’s office as soon as possible. Remember, the sooner you retain an attorney, the greater the chances of a favorable result.

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