What Happens When The Opposing Lawyer Changes Their Defense

Winning is Everything!

At Martin + Colin P.C., we prioritize achieving successful outcomes for our clients.  In other words:  we do everything we can to win your case.  Yet, in the realm of law, there are rules.  Although victory is the goal, promoting justice and ensuring due process are cornerstones of our legal system, and being ethical is paramount.

Not Every Lawyer Follows the Rules

It is disconcerting when opposing attorneys employ questionable or unethical strategies to influence a case’s outcome or seek its dismissal when faced with potential defeat.  This has happened to us.  Our seasoned lawyers at Martin + Colin have encountered such unethical practices in our extensive experience with personal injury cases.

Rather Than Admit Negligence, the Defendants Lied

For example, we represented a lovely woman who suffered catastrophic injuries in car accident.  While waiting at a red light, her car was t-boned by a DWI driver, who then sped away.  The car crash caused her severe cervical spine injuries and permanent disability, despite multiple surgeries and exhaustive rehabilitation.

Initially, the Car Owner Stated that Another Car Forced His Vehicle into Our Client’s Vehicle

Initially, the defendant driver’s legal filings simply stated that the defendant’s driving was appropriate, with no mention of any medical issues that could have caused the accident.  

Then, The Defendant’s Story Changed

Yet, two years into the case, the defense introduced a new claim, that the crash occurred when the driver experienced a sudden “blackout” while driving, due to his alleged ongoing medical condition.  Under the law, in certain circumstances, a sudden blackout causing the car accident could excuse the defendant from liability.  And our client would recover nothing.

We Were Not Going to Let the Defendant Get Away With This Deceit

This sudden narrative shift was not only a source of frustration but also seemed to contravene the ethical standards of our justice system.  At Martin + Colin, we chose to confront this narrative strategically, scrutinizing the credibility and consistency of the defendant’s new claims against the defendant’s prior testimony.  Our analytical and principled approach led to securing a substantial six-figure settlement for our client, providing her with financial relief and a measure of justice.

This Was Not the First Time We Have Encountered Dirty Tricks By a Defendant

Previously, we had represented a woman injured in a car crash.  In that case, the defendants’ original legal filings stated that the driver had operated the vehicle with the owner’s permission.  Then, one year into the case, the defendant owner met with her attorney, and suddenly changed her story to claim that the driver did not have her permission to operate her car when the crash occurred.  Under the law, her insurance company would not have to compensate our seriously injured client if the operator did not have her permission when he drove her car.  However, after a lengthy and difficult legal battle, we overcame this last minute turnabout in the owner’s story, and obtained a substantial settlement for our client.

We Can Win Your Case, Too!

For those injured due to the negligence of others, the skilled personal injury attorneys at Martin + Colin, P.C. are prepared to win your case for you.  Our commitment to ethical legal practice and our track record of securing favorable settlements and substantial jury verdicts stand as a testament to our dedication to our clients.  For expert legal guidance and to benefit from our proven track record as personal injury lawyers, reach out to us at (914) 771 7711.  Let our expertise work for you in your pursuit of justice and compensation.

If you or a member of your family has been hurt in an accident due to the negligence of another person or firm, the experienced personal injury lawyers at Martin + Colin, P.C. may be able to help.

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