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Martin + Colin, P.C., is a successful Westchester County New York law firm representing clients throughout the New York civil rights lawsmetropolitan area.  Legal matters include: personal injury and medical malpractice cases; criminal defense; civil rights Laws and discrimination claims; real estate and commercial litigation; assistance with business and employment matters; estate planning, administration and litigation; as well as matrimonial and family law issues.

One of our partners, Lisa Colin, has had a federal court jury trial broadcast in its entirety on national television on Court TV. Lisa Colin has also co-authored a law review article published in the Pace University Law School Environmental Law Review. Read more about Lisa Colin’s work on our Fighting for Children page. Another one of our partners, William Martin, has had two legal victories featured on the front page of the New York Law Journal, in banner headline, above-the-fold news articles. For more than two decades, the lawyers at Martin + Colin, P.C. have been fighting for victim’s rights through the expansion of existing laws and the establishment of new laws in many areas of life. Nuestra Experiencia le Ayudará a Ganar su Caso.

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We have succeeded in expanding the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act to also protect women who are not pregnant, and the expansion of federal Title IX to protect college students from sexual harassment in the classroom. Among other successes, our attorneys won a major victory for college students that was publicized worldwide by major media outlets including ABC News, the New York Daily News, the New York Post and the Dallas Morning News; by specialty journals such as the Chronicle of Higher Education; and by local newspapers from the Journal of Lawrence, Kansas all the way to the Independent (Irish Edition) and the Tribune of Chandigarh, India.

Some of Our Recent Accomplishments – Settlement for Port Chester Passenger Injured in Car Crash (May 2017); Refinance of $1.1 Million Commercial Building Completed (November 2015); Bronx Auto Accident Case Settled One Year Later for Six Figures (March 2016); Settlement for T-Bone Car Accident Victim on Taconic Parkway in Dutchess County (May 2016); Refinance of $5 Million Commercial Building Completed (April 2016); Settlement for Yonkers Bicyclist Injured in Car Crash (March 2016); Husband Wins at Trial – Awarded 50% of Business Run By Wife (January 2016); Settlement for Scarsdale Resident Injured in Car Accident (April 2015); Settlement for Tarrytown Passenger Injured in Car Accident (April 2015); Victim Hurt in Bronx Car Accident Receives Settlement (February 2015); Settlement for Bronx Resident Involved in Car Accident on Southern State Parkway (December 2014); Client Injured During Illegal U-Turn (November 2014); Settlement for White Plains Resident Injured in Car Accident (October 2014); Cash Settlement for Injured Driver in Rear-End Car Accident (April 2014); Settlement for Tarrytown Passenger Injured in T-bone Collision (March 2014); Six Figure Settlement of Soft-Tissue Car Accident Case (November 2013); Cash Settlement for Two Passengers in Car Accident (July 2013); Cash Settlement for Passenger in Bus Accident Case (June 2013); Our Cases Featured in NYC Public Defender’s Newsletter (May 2013); Cash Settlement for Pedestrian Injured in Slip and Fall on Icy Sidewalk (April 2013); Six-Figure Settlement for Orange County College Student Who Was a Passenger in a Head-On Car Crash (June 2012); Settlement for Police Officer Struck By Car While Walking to Work (April 2012); Complete Dismissal of All Criminal Charges against Business Owner (Nov 2011); Cash Settlement for Victim of False Arrest (Sept 2011); Husband Awarded 50/50 Split of All Assets Although He Was the Non-Monied Spouse and Tested Positive for Cocaine Four Months Prior to the Start of Trial (Aug 2011); Husband Awarded One-Half of All Assets, Including Wife’s Pension, Although He Spent Three Years of Marriage in Prison (Aug 2011); Attempted Murder Charges Dismissed (Mar 2011); Cash Settlement Paid to Car Accident Victim (Feb 2011); Off Duty Police Officer Acquitted of all Charges (Oct 2010).

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