Martin & Colin, P.C. announces the six-figure settlement of a car accident case. June 2012     police at car accident spot

The owner and operator of the other vehicle involved in this settlement were insured by GEICO. The favorable car accident settlement provides substantial compensation to the victim and brings the lawsuit to an end without having to proceed to trial.

The plaintiff, a resident of Highland Mills, in Orange County, New York, was the front seat passenger of a vehicle traveling on Route 105 near Dennis Drive in the Town of Highland Mills. The defendants were the owner and the operator of a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. At a sharp bend in the road, the defendant driver lost control of her vehicle, crossed over the center line and struck our client’s vehicle head-on with great force and impact, causing serious and permanent injuries and damages to our client, the plaintiff.

Our client complained of right knee and left hand pain continuously since the accident. Conservative medical treatment, including physical therapy, failed to eliminate the right knee pain. After that, our client underwent a right knee surgery, during which the physician diagnosed, and repaired, a tear of both the lateral meniscus and a tear of the medial meniscus.

We evaluated our case as we prepared for trial, and concluded that we would prevail in a court of law as the defendant driver was clearly liable for the accident. In addition, our client presented as a careful, likeable college student who would have great jury appeal, who has suffered greatly, and will continue to suffer, as a result of the defendant’s careless driving.

Our auto accident attorneys engaged in lengthy settlement negotiations, eventually obtaining a six-figure settlement for our very satisfied client.

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